Original Hand Drawn 26 Typeface Alphabet by Si Scott

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Design, Typography

Si Scott is an acclaimed English artist, illustrator and designer who creates the most spectacularly ornate typographic illustrations. Love Will Tear Us Apart introduced me to his style a couple years ago. I couldn’t resist printing it our on the fiery at work and pinning it to my cork board (yes, the physical kind before Pinterest existed). The lack of color allows you to focus on the intricacies without any distractions. It has a dark, psychedelic quality… and they’re painstakingly drawn by hand (watch this video of his process). I was poking around to see what he’s been up to and stumbled upon this original type specimen booklet for Coley Porter Bell. So incredible, each letter has its own card, hand-rendered in a unique typeface and inserted into the signed booklet. The variety of typefaces is pretty damn impressive. His site’s about to relaunch with a ton of new work, so keep an eye out!







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