The Macabre Illustrations of Jeremy Enecio

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Art, Illustration

Jeremy Enecio is a young, NYC-based illustrator who was born in the Philippines. When I first saw Familiar the image haunted me for days (baboon below)… the suspense, the calmness of the woman and the color palette is stellar. After browsing the rest of his fine art and commercial work it’s clear that he has a wide range of styles and traditional techniques. I see hints of Mark Ryden (less pop-oriented), Balthus (more subversive subject matter) and Lord of the Rings. His art resides in a primitive world where grotesque beings and wild beasts interact in violent pagan revelry… Terrorscapes. I love his use of dark, subdued tones to create background scenes while pops of color shape the foreground (tree people hugging a pink woman). Constant characteristics in his work are expressionless eyes, grotesque forms, surreal scale and gothic themes. Below I’ve selected 8 of my favorites, which are some of the darkest. But, be sure to check out his other quirkier, client-based work (via This Isn’t Happiness).









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