Original Hand Drawn 26 Typeface Alphabet by Si Scott

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Original Hand Drawn 26 Typeface Alphabet by Si Scott

Si Scott is an acclaimed English artist, illustrator and designer who creates the most spectacularly ornate typographic illustrations. Love Will Tear Us Apart introduced me to his style a couple years ago. I couldn’t resist printing it our on the fiery at work and pinning it to my cork board (yes, the physical kind before Pinterest existed). The lack of color allows you to focus on the intricacies without any distractions. It has a dark, psychedelic quality… and they’re painstakingly drawn by hand (watch this video of his process). I was poking around to see what he’s been up to and stumbled upon this original type specimen booklet for Coley Porter Bell. So incredible, each letter has its own card, hand-rendered in a unique typeface and inserted into the signed booklet. The variety of typefaces is pretty damn impressive. His site’s about to relaunch with a ton of new work, so keep an eye out!







The National Poster Retrospecticus Tour 2013

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The National Poster Retrospecticus Tour 2013

The National Poster Retrospecticus is a traveling show of more than 300 hand-printed event posters from over 75 of the best poster designers in the country. Produced and Curated by JP Boneyard.” All posters included in the show satisfy two simple requirements; they’ve been printed by hand and celebrate a single moment in time. This year’s tour hit 7 cities; Burlington, Rochester, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Richmond and Boston. A different artist is featured for each event with their own unique show poster consistent with the NPR palette of green, blue, orange and black (printed by The Half and Half on French Paper). They were selling at events for $20, but more may be available directly through JP (email john at jpboneyard dot com). I’d love to get my hands on Doe Eyed’s St. Louis poster, that sea monster/eyeball motif is SICK. Here’s to hoping they venture out to Austin next spring! Be sure to check out their gallery selections from 2012 to get a feel for the rest of the show. Below are the featured artist posters (via OMG Posters).


Tour by JP Boneyard


Burlington by Two Arms Inc.


Rochester by Daniel Danger


Detroit by Landland


Minneapolis by Aesthetic Apparatus


St. Louis by Doe Eyed


Richmond by The Large Mammal


Boston by Dan McCarthy

Wanted NYC Animal Posters by Thomas Wilder of MGMT. Design

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Wanted NYC Animal Posters by Thomas Wilder of MGMT. Design

After news broke of a trapped dolphin in Brooklyn’s ultra-polluted Gowanus Canal, MGMT. Design’s Thomas Wilder had an idea. He began to research other stories of peculiar wildlife within the urban jungle. The end result is an inspired poster series of “wanted” animals which he illustrated and designed (under the creative direction of Alicia Cheng and Sarah Gephart). Look at those gorgeous vector character illustrations! The vivid background color complements the natural tones of the animal perfectly. My favorites are the fully frontal cropped headshots (via GD USA). Be sure to check out Thomas Wilder’s slew other great work on his portfolio site.









The Old Try Patriots Day 2013 Fundraiser Print

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The Old Try Patriots Day 2013 Fundraiser Print

The good folks at Old Try and Union Press have combined forces in unveiling a limited edition, handpressed poster to support the families impacted by today’s Boston Marathon disaster. Only 40 bucks gets you a super iconic print, based on the First Flag of New England (via Good).


Vintage David Klein TWA Posters

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Vintage David Klein TWA Posters

I am in love with these vintage TWA posters from artist David Klein. He was a famous illustrator most known for his work with TWA airlines from 1955 to 1965. They truly are works of art and I would love to start a collection one day. His use of color is great and I love how he creates a completely different work of art for so many cities and countries. Below are some of my favorites via Google.